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A recent study by McAfee found that four out of five website visits start with a search engine query. So if your website doesn't have good search engine rankings then you're missing out on 80% of the traffic you could be getting. That's an incredibly large amount of traffic to be missing out on, but that doesn't need to be the case...

Any search engine optimization expert will tell you that building links to your website is the most important and most effective way of getting better search engine rankings. You can optimize your on-site content all you want, but unless you build links to your website then it's doomed to the depths of the result pages. You must build links to your website to stand any chance of getting good search engine rankings. Submitting to directories is the fastest and single-most effective means of improving your search engine rankings. It's worked for us, and it's worked for thousands of our users who have seen their visitor numbers and profits from their website explode, using nothing more than SubmitEaze - just read the testimonials further down the page for proof of its effectiveness.

SubmitEaze is a powerful website directory submission tool that will save you hours of time and effort submitting your website to directories. Using SubmitEaze will result in more traffic, more sales, and more importantly: more money in your pocket! Read on to find out how...

Here's what you get with SubmitEaze...
  check Submit to website directories.
  check Automatic CAPTCHA completion.
  check Automatic Email confirmation processing.
  check Fully automatic submission (with Auto-CAPTCHA).
  check One-time fee (NO extra charges for each website you submit!).
  check Free software updates for life (no additional charges).
  check Free directory listings updates for life (no additional charges).
  check Directory list updates every 7 days or less.
  check Create and submit to your own custom directory lists (even with turbo mode).
  check Free customer support.


Remember, there are no recurring fees with SubmitEaze.

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So what are Website Directories?

A website directory categorizes websites so that a person can manually find information they are looking for, rather like a phone book or the yellow pages. Website directories provide an alternative to search engines because rather than just the big sites being listed at the top, it is the user who chooses which site to visit by reading a description of the different sites to see which matches their requirements best. Obviously the more directories you can submit your website to, the more traffic your website will receive.

Submitting to web directories will therefore have two massive benefits for your website: the first is that your website will get direct, targeted traffic from the directories themselves, secondly your website will obtain a good quality, one-way link from every directory you submit to. This will drastically improve your search engine rankings and Google PageRank, often moving your website many pages in the search engine results.

Our Success Story Using SubmitEaze

We initially created our software because we needed a way of submitting our own websites to directories quickly and easily. It worked so well for us that we decided to release it as a tool for other webmasters. SubmitEaze was the result, and it is now used daily by over 33,000 webmasters throughout the world.

So how did our websites fair after using SubmitEaze? Well, we used SubmitEaze on three of our other websites and we now make on average over $1,300 in just one day from just one of these sites. Want to know the secret to our success? Our three websites were setup in 2004 selling guides to search engine optimization, successful website design, and e-commerce. Every day since then we've used SubmitEaze to submit each of our websites to 20 website directories - and that's it! From just these three websites we have made, and continue to make approximately $1million each year.

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We've not done anything extraordinary; we aren't geniuses or brilliant salesmen, we just created good guides that people find useful, and worked on promoting the website - if we can do it, so can you!

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Watch How Easy and Effortless it is to Submit to Directories using SubmitEaze

Website Submission Video Demo


Want to have CAPTCHA fields automatically completed and submit automatically? No problem...

Auto CAPTCHA Video Demo

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Would you like to sign up for our free SEO guide? The guide walks you through the entire process of search engine optimization (SEO), from choosing which keywords to target, right through to how to write a successful press release for your website.
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How Does SubmitEaze Work?

The two most time-consuming aspects of submitting your website to directories is firstly collating a list of quality directories to submit to, and then actually typing your website details for every directory you submit to. If you've ever tried to submit your website to a lot of directories you'll understand just how time consuming this can be, especially if you operate more than one website!

SubmitEaze solves all of these problems by providing you with a massive list of quality directories and also listing the Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, and Incoming Backlink count for every directory so you can prioritize which directories to submit to. You can then work through the list, and using the built-in 'Auto-Fill' function it is possible to enter your submission details with the click of a button, without the need to re-type your details for every directory you submit to - which makes the submission process incredibly quick.

Without any exaggeration, by using SubmitEaze you can do in an hour what used to take days. SubmitEaze also allows you to create an unlimited number of projects, so you can keep an independent list of submissions for every website you submit.

Want proof that SubmitEaze can really benefit you? Just read what some of our users have said about our software...

"I depend on SubmitEaze. This program is so user friendly and has many useful features. It is easy to use, just set up a few lines of info about your site and you're ready to go.

In the evening, I submit to directories and use SubmitEaze's easy turbo submitter feature - a no brainer (I don't like thinking to much at the end of the day!)

I contemplated over a year on whether to purchase this software. Don't waste time like I did; get this program now. Directory submissions are an important step in promoting a website - you WILL get traffic. SubmitEaze is the absolute best software to use for directory submissions."

J.D. Schambre  

"I bought SubmitEaze a couple of months ago and without any exaggeration, it has turned my life around. My site was hardly getting any traffic and was only making one or two sales a week and I was thinking about shutting down. I bought SubmitEaze as a last-ditch attempt to revive my search engine rankings, and boy am I glad I did! Three weeks later I was on the first page of Google for my niche keywords, now I'm in the top 3 for my main keywords. Last month I had more than 650,000 unique visitors to my site, and made the same number of sales in one month as I used to make in six months."

Robert Webb  

"Submiteaze is a fantastic tool to promote my site - I absolutely love it. Submiteaze makes my life so much easier and is the best promotion tool I have ever used. It is worth every penny. Actually it is worth way more than is being charged. Awesome software!"

Tina Browning  

"Many thanks to you and your software for the difference is has made to our rankings and our visitor numbers. One of my websites,, now ranks No. 1 on Google UK for 'boxes' and No. 2 for 'bubble wrap' - quite a big achievement! Before using your software two months ago we were on page two or three."

Paul Hopkins  
The Box Warehouse,  

"I've been using it for my site now for about 8 months or so and had great success in boosting my rankings. It used to take some time to submit all the directories by hand, and I'm incredibly impressed with the new turbo submitter facility - it's awesome! You can literally breeze through the submission process but still retain complete control.

I thought your tool had reached the end of it's use for me, but I'm really excited to see all the changes and the huge list of new directories to submit to! I'm almost tempted to start a new website just for the sake of it!!"

Dan O'Neil  
Aquarius Coaching,  

Want more proof? Look further down the page for more testimonials from our users.....

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What directories does SubmitEaze list?

SubmitEaze currently lists more than 4,000 website directories and we're adding more every week. We list three different types of website directory; free inclusion, paid inclusion directories and reciprocal link inclusion. We also list 17 niche website directory lists so you can submit to directories that are most relevant to your website's theme. We are confident that SubmitEaze has the largest, and most up-to-date directory list to be found anywhere on the Internet.

You can also import your own list of directories to the software and even create your own categories, so you can use SubmitEaze to meet your own personal requirements. Everything in the software is customizable to meet your own personal requirements.

What Features Does SubmitEaze Provide?

Image of a tick
Submit to both website directories.
Image of a tick
Use Turbo Submission mode to submit to directories in super-fast time.
Image of a tick
Automatic CAPTCHA recognition.
Image of a tick

Sort over 4,000 website directories on Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, or number of Incoming Backlinks to the directory.

Image of a tick

Full range of general directories: Free, Reciprocal Link Required, and Payment Required.

Image of a tick
Niche directory listings (i.e. directories which only list websites of one particular topic).
Image of a tick
Setup rotating link title text and description text for each project. This ensures your link building looks natural and you can obtain good search engine rankings for a variety of keywords.
Image of a tick
Link page maintenance so you can quickly create and upload reciprocal links to your website.
Image of a tick
Tag & Search capabilities - enables you to categorize your directories exactly how you want.
Image of a tick

Free software and directory updates for life.

Image of a tick

Add your own custom directories.

Image of a tick

Search for your links in the directories using the 'Directory Detective' tool. Including the anchor text and Google PageRank of all your links.

Image of a tick

Complete control over the auto-fill feature within SubmitEaze - you can even add your own custom fields.

Image of a tick

Project Briefcase so you can import / export projects between different computers.

Image of a tick

Export detailed submission reports.

Image of a tick

Take a screenshot of the web browser as proof of submission.

Image of a tick

Automatic auto-fill when page loads.

Image of a tick

Display the Google PageRank of the current webpage being viewed, and also perform Google searches from the built-in toolbar.

Image of a tick

Ability to create different categories for your custom directories.

Image of a tick

Facility to automatically import a list of your own directories from a Spreadsheet directly into SubmitEaze.

Image of a tick
Tabbed Web Browsing in browser submission mode
Image of a tick

Tool to find duplicate directories in your directory listings.

Image of a tick

Add your own notes for each directory.

Image of a tick

Ability to give each directory a rating so you can keep track of your favorite directories.

Image of a tick

A constantly reviewed and up-to-date listing of quality directories.

Image of a tick

Full web browser navigation to display the current URL, move backwards, forwards, stop and refresh.

Image of a tick

A step-by-step video demonstration and user guide should you have any questions. Failing that we are always happy to answer any questions you have.

What Benefits Will I Get From Using SubmitEaze?

Image of a tick

Increase your site popularity and presence in super-fast time. This includes improving your Google PageRank.

Image of a tick

Obtain better search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Image of a tick

You vastly improve the traffic reaching your site, which of course will result in more sales.

Image of a tick

Save hours / days of your time instead of manual submissions.

Image of a tick

Get more successful submissions first time.

Image of a tick

Submit all of your websites in one go by setting up multiple site profiles.

Not convinced? Click here to watch the video demonstration to see how easy it is!

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Read more about what our users have to say about SubmitEaze...

"SubmitEaze is an absolute sanity saver! I'd spent hours submitting to directories and was tearing my hair out, I came across your software and I couldn't believe how easy and straight forward it made the whole process. I seriously can't thank you enough."

James Anderson  

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the amount of work you put in your program. Your updating of your program is far superior than any other program and you don't even charge a recurring fee. I just used your auto registration and was blown away at the success rate. Most programs would have given up on updates and left dead sites. But again thanks again."

Adam Hefner  
ALH Marketing LLC,  

"I'm just beginning to get reacquainted with SubmitEaze after having been away for a while. I was really pleased and surprised to see the recent addition of the Turbo Submission mode. SubmitEaze has rocketed to the top of my list of favorite SEO tools.

Little did I realize when I bought this tool several years ago, that I would receive such outstanding support after such a long period of time. Nor, did I ever imagine that SubmitEaze would grow into such a powerful tool.

Keep up the good work and thanks again!"

Paul Ellis  
Light Knight,  

"SubmitEaze has saved me hours of time and frustration. Just having the list of sites to submit to and their PR is invaluable. Being able to quickly fill in the forms and submit is a Internet marketer's dream. Also the ability to use multiple titles and descriptions helps maximize my SEO efforts!"

David B, Utah, USA  
SEO Expert  

"I have designed a chat room website and thought and I knew enough SEO techniques to optimize for the key phrase 'no registration chat' which is searched over 201,000 times per month on Google alone. How wrong was I? I tried everything I knew to get from the bottom of the second page to the first and failed. By chance I opened an Email from, they had sent me step by step instructions on how to properly optimize my website so I thought I'd start again following their instructions. With just a little bit of work it really paid off as I am now on the first page of Google with a PageRank of 6, and rank #3 on Yahoo.

I am very happy and I'm now working on my other websites following their techniques.

Thank you SubmitEaze!"

Stephen Turvey  

"I have been using SubmitEaze for several years and have been very satisfied, not just with the product, but with the customer support too. Everything I have asked they have helped with a smile, and this made me realize I was dealing with good people.

My advice is if you want better search engine rankings and you want to save money and time, then you HAVE to try SubmitEaze.

If anyone reading this needs to speak with a live user, then go to my website, click on 'contact us' and I will be happy to talk to you..."

Alan Coval  

"I've been in internet marketing for a few years and used probably 8 or ten website submitters, some automatic, some more manually inclined. In most cases the automatic submitters give you little feedback as to 'what happened' with the submission, or in fact whether the submission happened at all, and the 'manual' submitters are so boring, that you might as well submit from a list of directories and your web browser, and save your money.

I've been using SubmitEaze for around 18 months, and really come to appreciate it. The 'turbo submission' function makes website submission so EAZY. With SubmitEAZE's help, I can honestly say that I have noticed an incredible improvement in my search engine and Alexa rankings. The system is smooth to operate, stable, and is automatically updated. I feel SubmitEaze is the best submitter around."

Rahim Abdullah  

"I had a few questions about the product and wrote to the company and to my pleasant surprise my questions were answered very quickly and most professionally. I have also been able to learn a ton from the video demos.

I have three website submitting programs installed on my computer and I am very happy to say I will be deleting two of them as they don't even come close to the quality of SubmitEaze.

My hat is off to the company and the support staff for all their help, as when I purchased my license I made an error with my order; the staff were very quick to Email me about it (before I even did!), and this was on a weekend - now that's what I call good customer service!!!

I proudly recommend SubmitEaze to anyone with a website that needs submitting on a regular basis, to use this product and buy with confidence that you are wisely spending your hard earned cash."

Mark Ramirez  
Classic Chevrolet Forum,  

"I know most people get mangled in the marketing mess that many manufacturers put out there to sell their products, only to produce a half working tool; I know because I have been through all of them only to be disappointed. Folks, SubmitEaze is the REAL DEAL.

Everything that the website, videos, and sales page says, it DOES, and does it well. I could go on and on but honestly, if you have ever promoted your website using directory submissions this by far outranks any of what's out there. The time it saves is unbelievable.


Adam Hefner, NC  

"We are an SEO company based out of Los Angeles, CA. After thoroughly reviewing all the submission software kits on the market, we settled with SubmitEaze because this is single-most valuable program worldwide. Great customer service, robust submission software, excellent choice of directories. You guys are Bombdiggity!"

George Gabrielyan  

"SubmitEaze is a giant step forward with the new Turbo Submitter mode - we use it is to get one-way links. We are blown away by the time saved using the new Turbo feature. SubmitEaze has become indispensable."

Howard Farmer  
SEO Advisor,  

"What a great program! It must have saved me hours in directory submissions, and the constant updates from you at SubmitEaze help to ensure the directory list is always up-to-date. Thanks and keep up the good work!"

John Conway

"Just wanted to thank you for delivering such an excellent product. SubmitEaze is worth every dime. Thanks for being behind what you sell, and for selling great software that works as promised, the first time and every time."

Jason Comely
Just Say ON,

"This is the best money I ever spent for a directory submit program and it is hands down THE BEST. It was a real time-saver to start with, now with the upgrade to faster turbo submission mode it is even more of a time saver. The ease and simplicity of setting it up is what I like most - you have taken the hard work out of that chore. Good Job!"

Jack Bowles

"I am a webmaster and an affiliate marketer and I make over $20,000 per month from my websites. What websites do I own? I wont you tell that, but I will tell you how I got them making so much; FREE Google traffic! Everyone already knows the benefits of getting one way links from directories, but what most people don't realize is that if you submit to directories by having to fill out the forms yourself you will NEVER come close to the quantity you need to actually see a discernible effect. Using SubmitEaze to submit to directories in high numbers has been invaluable for growing my business and dominating my keywords. This software is a must have for anyone who is serious about their SEO efforts."

Isaac Caasi  
(website is a secret)   

"Essential, must-have software for any serious webmaster or SEO expert.

Pros: What great things can I say about the SubmitEaze software that haven't already been said? I mean, wow! For anyone who's ever found themselves in the middle of a link building campaign knows that directory submissions are not only extremely effective but essential to gaining successful search engine rankings.

It doesn't matter if you've only got 1 site or 100's, this tool will save you valuable time and money. After submitting just one site to over 1,000 directories the SubmitEaze software has paid for itself. Great customer service, and a great product!

Cons: The SubmitEaze software has streamlined the link submitting process for me so much that I have too much free time on my hands, and I've found myself surfing the net writing product reviews."

Jeff Spicher, Oregon, USA  
Coastal Web Innovations,  

"I have purchased many 'SEO tools' most of them I have regretted the purchase a few days later. SubmitEaze however was different - the software has clearly been made by people who understand how tedious a task directory submissions are, and understands exactly how to make it easier. With the new release I found features I didn't even realise I needed, which makes this my number #1 promotional tool. I really cannot express what a time saver submiteaze is to anybody who regularly submits sites. Directory submissions have increased my sites position to #3 on google in the last 6 months for some quite competitive phrases, thanks largely to SubmitEaze!"

Matt Egginton  
Big Free Guide,  

"SubmitEaze is one of the most incredible, time saving, full-featured SEO software packages I have ever used; I'm glad I found it, I just hope my competitors don't!"

Brad Lessard  

"Just wanted to say it's been a while since I fired up SubmitEaze and the updates you've added are AWESOME! You guys rock!!!

It's fast, easy, and gives me better control.

Keep suggesting people watch the videos - I always learn something from them."

Julie Weight

"I've been using SubmitEaze for a while, I just upgraded to the 6.0 version and think it's fantastic that you guys offer such good upgrades for free. Your technical support is awesome, I recently caught a virus on my computer and lost everything, including SubmitEaze, so I downloaded it again but my license key didn't work. I e-mailed you guys about it and you gave me another license for free, I was very impressed with that. I can't think of anything to make better."

Ryan Clark  

"The SubmitEaze software is an incredible tool that makes submitting your websites to directories a snap. After using their software for my first website and seeing the results, I am completely sold. I would strongly recommend SubmitEaze to anyone and it's worth at least triple the price for the amount of time it saves you!"

Ian Brown  

"I love the software. I run linking campaigns for 9 websites and it is a real time saver, not just with the speed and ease of submitting to directories, but with the comprehensive directory list included I no longer need to search the internet myself to find directories to submit to. See you at the top!"

Roy Tebbenham  
SEO Expert  

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