Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

By implementing these simple tips you'll be amazed how quickly your affiliate sales increase and how much money you can potentially make each month:

1) Make personal recommendations

By far the best way to increase your affiliate sales is to recommend the software. You'll be amazed how much your affiliate sales increase simply by writing a few sentences recommending the software to other people.

2) Using a combination of graphics and text

Graphics are eye-catching, but they rarely work well by themselves, add some text below the graphic to say why people should use the software and what benefits they will get from it. If people hear how useful the software can be for them, they are more likely to buy it.

3) Utilize Pay-Per Click Advertising

Many search engines now provide Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, such as Google AdWords,, Yahoo and MSN. As an affiliate you can enter your affiliate link as the destination URL for when someone clicks on the advert. You can either use a graphic or a text link.

4) Forums and Blogs

Internet forums and blogs both provide excellent opportunities to display your affiliate link. Either by discussing SubmitEaze with other people, or by adding your affiliate link to your 'signature' which will be displayed in every post you make.

5) Use Your Contacts

Do you operate a newsletter, e-zine or send emails to people on a contacts list? If so, that's a great way to increase your affiliate sales. You could try writing a review about the software, or even include one of our banners in the email.