View the range of SubmitEaze video demonstrations:

Getting Started - Submitting to Directories
Covers setting up your project, and submitting to website directories using Turbo Submitter mode.
Covers setting up your project, submitting to directories, tracking your submissions and taking screenshots.
How to setup SubmitEaze to use Automatic CAPTCHA recognition and automatic submission.
Tools & Features
How to import and create your own custom directory listings which can then be used with Turbo Submission Mode.
Category Selection
Covers how to use the category selection mechanism to ensure the best category is selected for each submission.
Link Confirmation Utility
Covers how to automatically process link confirmation links that are sent from directories to complete the registration process.
Adding / Exporting Directories
Covers how to add and export your custom directories to SubmitEaze.
Covers how to create and upload reciprocal links to your website. This is useful if you submit to directories that request reciprocal links.
Learn how to tag directories and create customized searches.
Covers using the Directory Detective tool to analyze the links that point to your website from directories you've submitted to.
Covers how to customize the auto-fill feature and add your own fields.
Covers how to use the project briefcase tool, which is used to import and export projects.