Directory Detective

One of the problems of submitting to directories is that you sometimes don't know whether the directories you've submitted to have listed your website, so if they don't send you an Email telling you then how are you expected to know?

We have the answer! The Directory Detective tool in SubmitEaze enables you to find and keep track of the directories that have included your website in their directory listings. It does this by crawling all of the pages in the directory looking for links to your website. If a link is found then it will also extract the anchor text used in the link and also the Google PageRank of the webpage that contains your link, enabling you to build a complete picture of all of the links to your website. It will also display whether the link uses the 'nofollow' attribute in the link definition, so you know if the link is 'SEO friendly'.

Once Directory Detective has located your links it can also be used to check that the links are still present.

Directory Detective can also export a detailed report containing all of the link information, so you can give this to third parties or for you to keep as a record.

How does it work?

The aim of DD is to search the directories you've submitted to in order to find out whether they have listed your website. There are two main options to do this:

Search backlinks

Choosing this option will retrieve a list of links pointing to your website. DD will then search through the list to try and find URLs of directories you've submitted to. If it finds a match then it knows that directory has listed your website (since it's providing a link to your website), and DD will then extract the anchor text of your link from the corresponding webpage.

Search engines take time to crawl websites, so it's possible that even though you get an Email from a directory operator to say that you've been included, selecting this option may mean that the search engine hasn't had time to crawl the directory and update its list of backlinks, and subsequently your link may not be found. It is however, a fast way of checking whether directories have listed your website.

Deep Crawl

The Detective is very shrewd and clever, and will attempt to use the directory’s in-built search tool to search for your links. From the results it will know a) whether your site has been included, and b) the anchor text of your link in the directory. Unfortunately the search results don’t give the URL where your link can be found (much to everyone's annoyance), so DD will attempt to crawl the directory to find your link, but it cannot be guaranteed to be successful as some directories contain hundreds of thousands of pages – so searching them is no small or easy task!

If the built-in search tool of the directory doesn’t return any results then it knows your website isn’t listed so it doesn’t attempt to crawl and moves on to the next directory.

We sometimes get Emails saying "How is it that Directory Detective has listed the anchor text of my link, but doesn't know the link URL? This doesn't make sense..." but this is because it's got the anchor text via the directory's search tool, but was unable to find the page where your site is listed when it tried to crawl the directory. This is possibly because one of the "Skip directory if..." options were met, and it skipped to the next directory before it crawled the directory in its entirety.

Click here to watch the Directory Detective video demonstration

Screenshot of the Directory Detective tool