Frequently Asked Questions

I've bought a new computer, how do I get a new license key?

You can obtain a new license key via our website:

I've bought a new computer, how do I transfer my projects and settings to the new computer?

You can do this very easily using the 'Project Briefcase' tool in SubmitEaze. We have produced a video demonstration that explains how to use this tool if you require more information.

I have my own list of directories, can I add those to SubmitEaze?

You sure can! If you are adding a large number of directories, SubmitEaze provides you with an import tool so that you can quickly import your directory listings from a spreadsheet. You can also create your own categories for your directories, enabling you to totally customize SubmitEaze to your own personal needs. To see how to import your directories please see the 'Adding / Exporting Directories' video demo on our website.

If you want to use your custom directories with turbo submission mode, then please see the video demo for website directories.

I have more than one website, can I use SubmitEaze for all of them or will I need to buy more licenses?

You can use SubmitEaze for an unlimited number of websites. You can create a new project in SubmitEaze for each website you operate, this means you can keep track of the status of each submission independently for each website.

How do I know if a directory listed my website?

The majority of directories will send you an Email once your website is listed. If they do, you can record the link location in SubmitEaze and use Directory Detective (a feature within SubmitEaze) to check that directories are still listing your website and keep track of the anchor text and Google PageRank for all of your links. Some directories may not send an Email, in which case you can also use Directory Detective to search for links within directories you've submitted to.

I want to setup multiple anchor text and description entries, is that possible to do?

Yes, you can setup an unlimited number of possible anchor text and description values. SubmitEaze will randomly choose one entry each time a submission form is auto-filled.

Will you accept [links / a list of directories / my wife] in exchange for a SubmitEaze license?

We receive literally ten to twenty of these requests every day, asking to trade various things (including their wives!), so we therefore made the decision to declare that the only thing we will exchange a license for is..... money. Sorry!

I want to create a report of the directories I've submitted to, can SubmitEaze do that?

Yes. SubmitEaze can output a detailed report of all of the directories you've submitted to, including the dates of submission and verification (the date they added your website), the anchor text of the links from the directories, and the Google PageRank of the URL containing the link.

If the list of directories is updated will I lose my status records or custom directories?

No, you will not lose any of your records, notes or custom directories.

How often do updates occur?

We are devoted to keeping our directory listings up-to-date, we therefore update our entire directory listings list every 14 days or less; during an update we will remove any broken directories, and also add a whole new collection of directories. We currently list over 4,000 directories and are always looking to add more high-quality, seo-friendly directories. We are constantly reviewing our list of directories to ensure that only the best directories are listed.

We will release minor software updates as and when they are required, for example to fix bugs or add small modifications. Historically we have released new versions of the software every 4-6months, but this depends entirely on how many new features we are adding.

How do I know if there are updates available?

If directory updates are available then SubmitEaze will automatically update its listings and notify you that this has taken place. If a software update is available SubmitEaze will notify you that an update is available and give you the option to download or continue using your current version.

Why does the PageRank listed in the directory table not match the PageRank in the navigation bar?

The PageRank listed in the table is for the directory homepage, however when you click on the directory SubmitEaze may display the submission page for that particular directory, which invariably may have a different PageRank to that of the homepage.