SubmitEaze Screenshots

Here you can see SubmitEaze operating in 'Website Turbo Submitter' mode. Rather than loading the submission page in a web browser, it is instead rendered within the software itself. This makes the whole submission process incredibly quick and straightforward.

Picture of Turbo Submitter

A screenshot showing SubmitEaze operating in brower submission mode. A list of directories is present in the table down the left hand side.

Picture of browser submission mode

The category selection window enables you to enter search words, and also specify other words that must be contained in the category, and words that should not be contained in the category. This ensures that the most relevant category is always chosen.

A screenshot of the Directory Detective tool in SubmitEaze, which can be used to search for links in directories, or check your existing links. It will also maintain a record of the backlink anchor text and Google PageRank value for every directory.

Directory Detective

A screenshot showing the project settings within SubmitEaze. Here you can enter the default fields which SubmitEaze will use when auto-filling a submission form.

Screenshot of the project setup screen

This screenshot shows the Outgoing Link window in SubmitEaze which enables you to quickly create and upload links directly to your website. This makes submitting to reciprocal link directories incredibly quick and easy.

Screenshot of the outgoing link window