Submission Modes

There are two submission modes in SubmitEaze; 'Turbo Submission' and 'Browser Submission'. Each mode will work perfectly well for the objective of submitting to directories but both operate in different ways. It is entirely a personal preference which submission mode you wish to use. You can switch between the different submission modes by clicking on the 'Mode Selection' drop-down box in the top-left corner of the screen.

Turbo Submitter

The Turbo Submitter mode in SubmitEaze connects and submits directly to the directory without the need of a web browser. Your website details are simply entered into the fields displayed in SubmitEaze and the "submit" button is then pressed to proceed with the submission. This means that the submission process is very quick and easy as all of the submission information is displayed directly within the software.

The screenshot below shows SubmitEaze operating in Turbo Submitter mode:

Screenshot of SubmitEaze

Browser Submission

When operating in browser submission mode the submission page of the directory is loaded in an internal web browser. The auto-fill functionality in SubmitEaze will populate the submission fields so that the submission is made very quickly.

The screenshot below shows SubmitEaze operating in Browser Submission mode:

Picture of browser submission mode