Website Directory Submissions

What are website directories?

Website directories are similar to phone books (or more specifically, the yellow pages); you navigate to the appropriate category/topic and it lists the businesses that fall under that particular section - enabling you to find a company that offers what you're looking for. Website directories are no different; they categorize websites into different topics.

What are the benefits of website directory submissions?

The benefits of getting listed in website directories are twofold;

1) You get traffic from the directory from people using it as a search resource.

2) Every directory that lists your website is providing a link to your website, this link will contain your targeted keywords and therefore you'll get better search engine rankings for those words/phrases.

Submitting to website directories is one of the most essential parts of search engine optimization (SEO) because directories are the quickest and easiest method of generating powerful links to your website, there is no easier method of generating links to your website than website directory submissions.

Sound too good to be true? Then watch the website submission video demo so you can see for yourself.